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Hunting and Fishing Combo Trips

The combination of duck hunting and fishing packages we offer have been a big hit with outdoorsman for years in southern Texas. These combination trips are available during the waterfowl season from November through February. The trip consists of a duck hunting trip in the morning followed by an afternoon fishing trip.

Duck Hunting in the Morning

The day starts early in the morning before sunrise. You will meet up with Captain JC Algueseva at the marina, and load your gear into his 26” air boat, and descend deep into the pristine marshes along costal Texas. Captain JC Algueseva will take care of the decoys, dog, and brush for the blind as well as identifying and calling the birds into gun range for your group. As the light appears in the east, the birds will begin to descend into the flooded marshes to feed on submerged vegetation. Captain JC Algueseva goal is to call the birds into the decoys for the best possible shot for you and your guests. It is not uncommon to harvest as many as six or eight different species during a single hunt. The morning hunt usually ends around 9:30 am when it time to head back in for lunch, and for Captain JC Algueseva to clean and process the mornings bag.


Cast and Blast fishing in the afternoon for redfish, trout, drum and flounder. It's noon and time for the fishing side of your trip. Captain JC Algueseva  will already have the boat readied with any rods, reels, baits, and ice that will be needed. You may of course bring your own rods if you would prefer, along with any food or beverages. A short boat ride later you will be casting in search of the trophy specks and reds that have made shallow water inshore fishing in Texas second to none.
Port Aransas fishing trips

Provided and What You Need to Bring for the Hunting in the Morning


25ft Air  Boat
Trained Labrador Retriever
Duck Blinds - for both big & small groups
Hunting Chairs
Duck Calls & Duck Decoys

You need to bring

Texas Hunting License with State & Federal Duck Stamp
Shotgun (220 or 30 Gauge Recommended)
Steel shot shells
3in #3, 3in #2, 3in #4
Ice chest with food & drinks
Suitable camo clothing for the current weather
Camo hat/cap
Camo face cover
Waders - chest or hip waders
Gun (oil to wipe down gun after hunt)

Provided and What You Need to Bring for the Fishing in the Afternoon


25ft Air Boat
Gear & Tackle
Cleaning Your Catch

You need to bring

Texas Fishing License
Optional - Your Own Rod & Reel
Food / Snacks
Sun Block / Chapstik

The Best South Texas Fishing Guide

Texas Fishing Charters from Port Aransas, Corpus Christi and Rockport Texas
JC has over 20 years of fishing experience, you will have an unforgettable experience on the water. As an experienced professional, JC is always willing to teach guest how to improve their angling skills.

Whether educating children or beginners his approach is always patient and courteous. However, when guiding seasoned anglers, he understands catching is paramount and does everything possible to locate feeding fish.
(361) 866-5411
Port Aransas, TX
Corpus Christi, TX
Rockport, TX
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