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There are guides who simply take your money to let you fish and there is Captain JC Algueseva.

5 stars isn’t enough in this instance. There are guides who simply take your money to let you fish and there is JC. Had an amazing time today and actually learned a ton from him. On top of this, he was phenomenal with our three sons. Patience with a great sense of humor makes for an awesome time. On his airboat, we went places no one else could get to and landed a ton of reds. We are still laughing at the things we did today. I highly recommend JC and will become a repeat client.

Bucky Williams

We had a blast on this fishing guide!! I recommend booking your trip soon so you can experience a well guided and fun experience. JC really knows how to fish, what to look for and wherr to go to catch the best looking fish. Thank you again for taking the time to show us the ropes!

Kathy Gonzales

JC is knowledgeable, professional and and easy to work with! Our experience was relaxed and enjoyable. The airboat was awesome and made getting to the fish a breeze. We will definitely use him again and are looking into using him for a duck hunt.

Tylan Long

I have fished and hunted numerous times with these guys and it was nothing less than amazing every time. You get treated like family and never disappointed with the trip. Needs a 10 star button

John Yarborough

Redfish Fishing

Red Drum are one of Texas most popular sport fish and the state’s most wide spread estuarine fish. They can be spotted by their trademark black dot at the base of the tail, sometimes several of them. It is cousins with the black drum. Distinguish the black drum by the barbels under the chin. Red drum often have a coppery tone, generally inshore, while others, usually in the ocean, are more silvery. They reach maturity after three years. Red drum are also known as redfish, puppy drum, channel bass, bull red and rat red.

Trout Fishing

The spotted seatrout, commonly called speckled trout, is one of the most popular sport fish along the Texas coast. Its abundance, willingness to hit natural and artificial baits, and fine eating qualities make the species extremely popular with anglers. It has been commercially harvested in all the states bordering the Gulf of Mexico. However, a decline in harvest of spotted seatrout in recent years caused Alabama and Texas to close commercial fishing of the species. In Texas, the record spotted seatrout caught was 37.25 inches and 15.6 pounds.

Flounder Fishing

All flatfishes, including the southern flounder, are compressed laterally and spend most of their life lying and swimming along the bottom on their side. In the case of southern flounder, the left side is always the “up” side; in other species, the opposite is true. Small flounder grow rapidly and may reach 12 inches in length by the end of their first year. Males seldom exceed 12 inches, but females grow larger than males and often reach a length of 25 inches.

Captain JC Algueseva

About the Captain

Born and raised in the Coastal Bend, Capt. JC Algueseva developed a passion for fishing as a child. JC grew up fishing saltwater all around the Coastal Bend.

Now with over 30 years of fishing experience he does everything possible to create an unforgettable experience on the water. As an experienced professional, JC is always willing to teach guest how to improve their angling skills.

Whether educating children or beginners his approach is always patient and courteous. However, when guiding seasoned anglers, he understands catching is paramount and does everything possible to locate feeding fish. Captain Algueseva learned early that “Customer Service” is the key to a successful business.

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Guided Duck Hunts

Port Aransas Fishing

Surf, Bay, Offshore, Pier, Jetties; Port Aransas has it all. A thriving fishing industry has called Port Aransas home for over a century and for good reason. With immediate deep water access to the Gulf of Mexico through the jetties, Port Aransas is home to the largest offshore fleet in the Texas Coastal Bend. Just as many smaller boats are heading the opposite direction though to fish the bays and back waters behind Mustang Island.

Corpus Christi Fishing

The largest bay in the Texas Coastal Bend is Corpus Christi Bay. A large elliptical shaped bay Corpus Christi Bay is also the deepest bay in the area. Its shoreline offers a wealth of wading and drift fishing opportunities for trout and several oyster reefs through out it make natural gathering places for game fish. The east boundary of Corpus Christi Bay is Mustang Island which creates a barrier from the Gulf of Mexico.

Rockport Fishing

The variety of options for fishing around Rockport is virtually unlimited, making it one of the top destinations in Texas for bay and flats fishing. Copano Bay offers numerous shallow oyster reefs, St. Charles Bay and Redfish Bay offer back water redfish action, while Aransas Bay offers open water reefs for trout. Across Aransas Bay the entire St. Joe shoreline offers inlets and tidal lakes for redfish, flounder, and trout action.

Aransas Pass Fishing

The primary fishing area near Aransas Pass is Redfish bay. Watching the fish cleaning tables at the various boat ramps around Aransas Pass you will see good catches of redfish, flounder, speckled trout and drum being brought in. The primary focus is fishing the 14,000 acres of seagrass flats in the area for redfish and the various channels, cuts and deep holes for trout. In addition to some of the richest marine habitat in Texas.

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